Read and Take: Harry Styles Biography

Name: Harry Edward Styles 
Age: 19
DOB: 01/02/1994
Star Sign: Aquarius
Home Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England
Fave Film: Love Actually
Fave Band: The Beatles
Fave TV Show: Family Guy
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole
Man Crush : Louis Tomlinson
Bet you didn’t know: he has 4 nipples
Turn-ons: Giggling, hair extensions, pussy cats.
Turn-offs: Swearing and squealing.
Twitter: Harry_Styles

He is a former pupil at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, a state comprehensive school. Born to mother Anne Cox and father Des Styles, he has an older sister, Gemma. He was seven when their parents divorced, his mother subsequently getting remarried. Following the divorce, Styles, his older sister and mother moved further out into the Cheshire countryside. At the age of twelve he moved back to Holmes Chapel. Prior to participating in The X Factor, the then sixteen-year-old Styles had a part-time job at the W. Mandeville Bakery in Holmes Chapel. 

Styles was the lead singer for the band White Eskimo with band members lead guitarist Haydn Morris, bass guitarist Nick Clough and drummer Will Sweeny. They had once entered a Battle of the Bands competition, which they won. As a child, Styles loved singing, noting Elvis Presley as one of his influences. He also cites Presley for his musical beginnings. Styles also cites contemporaries, Foster the PeopleColdplay and Kings of Leon among his influences. Styles states that The X Factorgave him "a lot more" confidence as a performer. Styles says that he often looks to Coldplay front man Chris Martin for inspiration when performing on stage. Styles also states that The Beatles had an influence on him growing up, as his father would play their music.

Harry is a loyal and faithful boyfriend. 
His mum also says that he is very romantic.
On a date he would wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, a nice top and a blazer.
His perfect girl would have a good sense of humour, cute and someone who is loyal.
Apparently, he has been grabbed on his crotch a couple of times.
One Direction’s name was his idea.
Harry’s always getting naked.
Simon Cowell thought ‘Pussygate’ was hilarious.
He misses having a girlfriend but girls really confuse him. 

Best thing about being a boy? 
 I guess being able to act like a bit of an idiot sometimes.
Best thing about being in One Direction? 
The four lads that I’m with.
Best cure for One Direction infection?
Chop your hair off or try Strepsils.
Favourite aftershave: 
Ck In 2U and Diesel Fuel For Life.
Favourite grooming product:
Shampoo – I use L’Oreal Elvive.
PJ’s, pants or nothing in bed?
Bath or shower?
Shower every day, at least once a day, 
sometimes more. But a bath maybe once every four months if I need to 
relax. I love bubble baths.
What mobile phone do you have?
I have an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.
What do you cuddle up to at night?
My pillow.


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