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Name: Victor Vincent Fuentes
DOB: February 10, 1983
Age: 31
Hometown: San Diego, California
Height: 5'10"
Parents: Vivian K.Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes
Siblings: Mike Fuentes

Religion: Catholic
Descent: Mexican and Irish
Favorite T.V show growing up: Aaahh Real Monsters!
Favorite food: Mexican Food
Favorite Animal: Monkey
Activities: Singing, Graphic design, Playing Soccer,Stripping, Sleeping
Bad Habit: He chews on things
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, piano, synthesizer, lap steel
Years active: 1998–present
Labels: Equal Vision, Fearless

Fact: He started writing songs in the 6th grade.
Fact: The first song he learned to play on guitar was Brainstew by Green Day
Fact: He broke his wrist playing soccer
Fact: Vic hates call of duty
Fact: Vic loves Rachel Mcadams and Jeffree Star
Fact:Vic learned to play guitar in 9th grade
Fact: Vic…

A hundred chocolates.

Coba deh pikirin..

Apa mungkin dari 100 batang coklat yang dikemas ga ada satupun semut yang meleleh bersamanya? Yakin?

Gimana kalo orang yang mengemas coklat tadi ga cuma satu orang? Apalagi orang orangnya masih junior? Apa mungkin ga ada semut yang ngikut?

Mikir dong. Ga mungkin semua coklat itu bersih kan. Apalagi kalo yang dikerjain ribuan coklat. Ngeliatnya sih gampang Tinggal terima bersih.

Gimana kalo yang mengemas coklat tadi ga fokus sama coklat aja. Bisa jadi dia juga mengemas permen dalam waktu yang bersamaan. ?? Gimana?

Tapi si owner perusahaan coklat ga mungkin membeberkan itukan ke customer? Dia pasti mau yang terbaik buat usaha coklatnya. Ya kita taulah.

Tapi apa mungkin dia memarahi para pekerja tadi? Tidak mungkin. Karna dia mengerti dan paham bahwa prosesnya memang serumit begitu.

Jadi maksud dari cerita tadi adalah tentang kesalahan. Mungkin ga semua orang bisa nerima. Tapi kita harus mikir pake logika. Paham kondisi.

Ini deh simplenya..

Does Justice Still Exist?

Hello my friends. I wanna share a bit story of my life. I wanna share about justice that I think I can't get it anymore.

Do you think justice still exist in this world? I dont think so, cause I never feel it anymore. After a year I through my life by doing my work in a place that I called it looks like hell. I got so many lesson. Lesson of life.
Do you know why? Almost all of people there are hypocrite. I dont think I'm pure of it. But what they want? I dont understand. In front of our boss, they act like a barbie and a ken doll. They are fucking kind. But behind them it's just full of shit.

My boss is a woman. She always judge me and my friends. I dont know why. I know maybe we've done mistakes. And it's fair if she angry with us. But she dont have to judge us more.

Sometimes if one of us making a joke, she can't follow it. She's not a humor lover. Yes we know it. But we dont have to always obey at her, right? We want enjoy this life. We are not your snag. …