Does Justice Still Exist?

Hello my friends. I wanna share a bit story of my life. I wanna share about justice that I think I can't get it anymore.

Do you think justice still exist in this world? I dont think so, cause I never feel it anymore. After a year I through my life by doing my work in a place that I called it looks like hell. I got so many lesson. Lesson of life.

Do you know why? Almost all of people there are hypocrite. I dont think I'm pure of it. But what they want? I dont understand. In front of our boss, they act like a barbie and a ken doll. They are fucking kind. But behind them it's just full of shit.

My boss is a woman. She always judge me and my friends. I dont know why. I know maybe we've done mistakes. And it's fair if she angry with us. But she dont have to judge us more.

Sometimes if one of us making a joke, she can't follow it. She's not a humor lover. Yes we know it. But we dont have to always obey at her, right? We want enjoy this life. We are not your snag. We are human.

Her rule is not everything. We dont have to obey your rule. We just have to follow the company rule.

If you ask about where is the connection with the justice. Here is: The ruler is everything and we don't mean anything. They can do what they want. We are just viewers and followers. We can't share our opinion and must to follow them. Cause we are just worker not a boss.



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